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About Interactive Training Technologies

At IT Technologies our goal is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing quality service, building strong relationships with our clients, and working as a team with them. To more effectively meet our clients’ technical information needs, we strive to understand each client’s business philosophy, product line, target markets, and communication goals. The Quality Assurance program at IT Technologies emphasizes direct and open communication between the client and our entire project team. Our goal is to identify what works best for each specific client and situation.


Our Team

Our team has over fifty years of experience in processing technical documentation and illustration applications, and fifteen years of translation service for a wide variety of satisfied clients. Each member of our experienced, talented team is committed to our reputation for reliability and performance.

Project Management and Quality Assurance
We understand direct and open communication is necessary to effectively meet each client's business philosophy, product line, communication goals and audience. Therefore, we begin each project with a personal meeting or phone conference with your company to outline objectives, costs and deadlines. We implement and maintain an extensive project tracking and proofing system throughout each project, providing our client with a quality product and an on-time delivery.


About Us and Our Services

IT Technologies is a privately held company located in Germantown, Wisconsin, just north of Milwaukee. Since its founding, IT Technologies has been committed to providing quality technical documentation services to its customers.
IT Technologies provides services to both National and International clientele. These services include:

At IT Technologies our goal is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality service and on-time delivery. We build strong relationships with each client by working with them as a team to identify the best solutions for each client's specific project needs.


Language Translation

At IT Technologies, our language translation service provides quality, accurate translations. We offer cost effective solutions that result in translations being delivered in market, on time and on budget, every time.

Each project is assigned a certified translation project manager to:

  • Open and maintain a constant line of communication.

  • Address translation terminology consistency and scheduling.

  • Establish an evaluation and tracking process specific to project requirements.

To assure localized source is suitable to translate into the target language we evaluate:

  • Proper use of localized language.

  • Consistent use of format style, grammar and terminology.

  • Feasibility of leveraging and validating existing translations.

Quality and accuracy is assured through:

  • System of checks and balances with translators, editors, composition talent and proofreaders.

  • Multiple-step proofing process that validates each translation.

  • Proven translation and terminology management system.


Document Engineering

At IT Technologies, we do more than just assemble text and graphic elements on a page, we perform complete document engineering services. Our services range from publishing, composition and layout design, to template creation and document architecture.

At the onset of a project, our management team will establish:

  • An appropriate documentation plan to achieve the desired results.

  • Style guidelines that meet client specifications and requirements.

  • Open and maintain a constant line of communication.

  • An evaluation and tracking process specific to project requirements.

To avoid the expense of complicated revisions or alterations, our proven quality assurance system assures that:

  • Errors and inconsistencies are identified and corrected.

  • Format and layout meet the established style guidelines.

  • Consistent use of terminology and language.


Technical Illustration

Our Illustrators work closely with our client's technical staff to develop the best approach to organizing the information for each project. Whether the source comes from engineering drawings, rough sketches, photographs, digital pictures or the products and components themselves, the information is illustrated to achieve the desired results. IT Technologies provides a variety of illustration services. We can use your static line art to be assembled, disassembled, rotated 3-dimensionally, and viewed from the inside out, we can do it.


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